Spec-Tak Laundry Detergent

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Spec-Tak is a true millennium detergent, developed and formulated specifically for Victory’s Nylon Double Knit fabric.  Spec-Tak achieves the “Whitest Whites” and “Stain Free Colors” for any athletic fabric, capable of removing any common performance stains including all grass, clay, brick dust, black dirt, blood and dye transfer.  Spec-Tak is a special enzyme and oxygen bleach combination (not chlorine bleach) derived from the most advanced laundering technology within the industry. It is the “Most Advanced Dry Mild Detergent” anywhere!  Spec-Tak is so scientifically and clinically advanced that it will actually “extend” the life of your uniforms, without question. Compared to other laundry detergents, our customers have said “once we use Spec-Tak we never go back (to our former detergent).”


*Spec-Tak 40lb size containers do not qualify for the flat rate or free shipping promotions.  These will be shipped via calculated rates.  For very large orders of this product please call customer service 1-877-212-1590.