Laundering & Care

Laundry Preparation

For best results, launder uniforms immediately after each wearing. Garments that cannot be washed promptly should be hung individually on rust-proof hangers or hooks. Perspiration fading may occur if garments are left in a pile. Inspect garment for tears or snags before laundering. Repairs should be made prior to washing to prevent further damage. Remove all contrasting color items (belts, gloves, undershirts, etc) from garments and wash separately.



Before laundering, allow to soak for a maximum of 45 minutes in lukewarm water with a protein release agent and then scrub stained areas with a soft bristle brush that will not damage the garment. Wash garments in a normal cycle immediately after soaking.



Do not wash whites and colors together. Wash all garments in warm water (110 F or less). Rinse temperature should be the same as the wash. Use a mild detergent and maintain a high water level to minimize twisting. Lower water level only when uniforms are very soiled. Do not overload the machine. Use an anti-static agent, especially on garments to be tumble dried, to minimize lint and spark discharge.



DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH as it fades colors and weakens materials. DO NOT BLEACH any garment with braid, trim or embroidery. When bleach is required on all white garments, use a light application of an oxygen-based bleach.



For best results, garments should be hung to drip dry. When tumble drying, use the lowest temperature or "air only" setting. Remove garments from dryer promptly. Do not hang garments in sun to dry for prolonged perios of time.


Dry Cleaning




Dry garments completely before storing. Store in a cool dry area, protected from sunlight and fluorescent light to prevent mildew and yellowing. Do not leave in your vehicle exposed to extreme sun and heat.



No ironing should be necessary. If ironed, use low temp only.